Excerpt from “Circles”

The old lady was lying around for about ten years. She has been just like a dummy dragged through the muds from the most old-fashioned markets. Once the dummy got broken, they put it in a box, thinking that it may serve someone, but they all eventually agreed that no one needs such a thing. […]

minge pe scoala

Read the full story (Romanian version) here: http://liternautica.com/cercuri/


Excerpt from “Tainted Mutation”

[…] Now that we are here on earth, I think that we should not take this planet simply as a large cemetery which cannot host anything else besides the mourning atmosphere and the calls of crows that rub salt in the world’s wounds. […]

altered 1
Read the full story (Romanian version) here: http://liternautica.com/transformare-alterata/


The Bird


“Does anybody hear how fast my heart beat is?” the bird asked. As a reply, a hive of flies got up in spiral shape, a few maggots hid in the holes of the excrements and the beetles stopped dead. Then the bird continued by saying “But those without heart cannot hear other’s hearts. Those who throw out their hearts become invaders in this world by setting the law at defiance…”



Read the full story (the Romanian version) here: http://www.revistadepovestiri.ro/pasarea/


Excerpt from “Mister Mask”

Why does the midnight breed them all? Why does the blood flow from their faces? And why does the river of blood fall into the swampy hell? There is someone hidden underside, someone who receives all our words. He does not lose any of them. He has some underground mazes, thousands of them, or maybe we do not have enough numbers to count them. Speaking of that someone, there is nothing revealed about him, nothing that has to do with eternity. I am talking about Mister Mask. His labyrinths are filled with cases and boxes. There is a devilish establishment, even if no light source can be seen in his huge sinuous temple. During the night time, he devours all the words that you speak and when the day comes, he acts like a postman, bringing your words back in material shape. […]

cap frunze+ apa linear

Read the full story (the Romanian version) here: http://egophobia.ro/?p=10250


Excerpt from “Real Time”

[…] When I opened up my eyes, mister Time was there. This fellow does not know much about our world and he is not more than a clone, a quite one. He considered then that it was a good moment to degrade me for the thousandth time… The thousandth time in a single day… This lord led me to perceive the moment of my eyelids’ separation like a course of about five or six existential cycles. Shame on you, mister Time! […]

ceas vivid +

Read the full story (the Romanian version) here: http://liternautica.com/in-timp-real/



Build an empire using bottles, bury it underground and then cry. Stop! The rain will come. It will push it out and you will run. Come back to create some shards. They are useless. But hold on! Paint them with your own blood. Now they are big and beautiful. Go wrong inside your dreams that are brought into the world by diseases. Come back to life and walk through the mud. Wash your mind and body in silver and do not forget that your soul is running towards death and then smile. Throw against you everything which is massive. Stop thinking at cures! Look inside! Awake the time using monsters and clouds! Do not curse the colorless space, because you will never know.






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