[Journal] Observations of the ordinary and the dream recursion

A crow sat on a fence… From a distance, you could tell it looked drained and filthy, but once you would get closer, you saw an image which people take as conceited behaviour. The crow had a delight in the priest’s song while directing its tail towards the saints depicted in a wicked painting. The people were making the sign of the cross, thus they forgot the walking rhythm. The priest’s voice and the bells’ sound cancelled their past, goal and existence. The human progenies kept on losing their foothold. They could not do anything right. Anyways, they were told that they must not… One of them scared the hell out of me because he had the head of a frog.

The gypsy ladies were entertaining themselves among flowers, talking about huge and critical operations, deep incisions in a human belly. I was returning to the place from the dream. I took an underground train and there I saw a woman with draconian claws. I could hear some empty and hilarious music from her inside and nothing more. At the underground exit, the water was flowing over the stairs. The drops falling out of nowhere created a cold and dull atmosphere, although the sun had melted everything beyond the stairs. Perhaps neither Andrei Tarkovsky would be able to explain why the water infiltrating through the sheltered spaces, moves us so much.

In the garden of the past, a scorpion appeared in front of the porch, out of the blue. Those around the house told me I had to choose carefully the way I wanted to kill it since most of the possibilities were doomed to failure and they would not do any better than stirring the scorpion against me. And I had to finish the beast, otherwise the beast would have finished me. I mixed some poisoning powders in a bucket filled with water, while the scorpion spited me, wandering through the grass. I took a glass of that mixture and I poured the liquid over the creature’s husky tail. The beast started to melt and eventually got the shape of a tongue. As the scorpion juice was absorbed by the Earth, I saw how the tongue got out and brought a hideous human head which broke through, and now it gets closer and closer to me and no, there it comes and it’s almost, almost here and… What should I do next?



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