[Journal] The accusers


As I was walking on a deserted road, no trees, no cars, no hills, a little girl appeared in my way. She was a wearing a mouse costume.

„Hey! You,” she said. „I have a question for you.”

„Go on, little mouse.”

„First of all, I am a human being, not a rodent species.”


„So, tell me, bastard, who killed my mother?” She stared to yell and cry.

„I have no idea. How about your father?! Did he abandon you? Or where is he?”

„He is in jail. He told me that the murderer walks often on this road. Now, if you are not the murderer, you definitely know where he went. But anyways, you look like a murder.”


Suddenly, all the tears in her eyes disappeared and hatred emerged. I left her behind and took a small mirror out of my pocket to see how a murderer looks like. But I did not find out. I could not see any reflection, just an avalanche of colors, like many noxious liquid substances flowing infinitely. I lifted up my eyes and saw a red hole in the sky. It looked like a cloud coil. I threw the mirror on the brown grass plot from the wayside and continued to walk. After a few steps, I saw an old man who was trying to run from the opposite side of the road towards me…


„… And now what?!” I was thinking.

„Turn back and run, my friend! The Russians will kill us all!” he yelled from a distance.

As I was approaching him, I asked:

„How do you know?”

„I saw it in the news last night. If you walk farther, you will see thousands of dead bodies lying on this road.”

„How do they kill these people? And why?”

„What’s the point? They are just killing. And I think you are also the enemy and actually you support them.”

„No man, I support silence. I will go to see the disaster with my own eyes.”


I was wondering then, after all, why did people create so many war weapons with such a dedication and chariness? The entire world is full of wonderful iron giants with big eyes, ready to detect the so-called enemy. Who is the enemy? And who are we? Each of us is nobody, but when it comes to killing everybody becomes somebody. That is why killing is seen a bad thing. Only the accusers can make it without being judged, because they think that are already somebody. That is what they decided and did not ask if you agree or not. You also did not ask yourself what is the matter with you and them. At the same time, the accusers show me as the main murderer. This happens only when I appear in their way. Otherwise they do not have any clue about my existence.


I saw no dead body on that road. More by token, the roadway got populated at one point with healthy people that did not notice the red cloud coil in the sky. Hundreds of cars, bicycles, motorcycles and all kinds of vehicles were driving to random places in order that humankind may find happiness. At the end of the road was nothing but the nightmarish mushroom. The nuclear war was already on and people did not know. The news did not say anything about this. A real war is never announced. What would be the point in announcing it?




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