Here is just another virtual space. I do not like to talk about me, or I do not think that I like to talk. Anyhow, I am one of those who love to feel, to fall, or to fly. This page lists recent updates and news. It is a place where I will post some reviews, some thoughts, some images, some dreams, some everything. Do not think too much, it is like in Bent Hamer’s movie (Factotum), when the character created by Charles Bukowski has an interview for a ┬ájob…

Pickle Factory boss: Writer huh? Are you sure?
Henry Chinaski: No, I’m not. I’m halfway through a novel.
Pickle Factory boss: What’s it about?
Henry Chinaski: Everything.
Pickle Factory boss: It’s about… cancer?
Henry Chinaski: Yes.
Pickle Factory boss: How about my wife?
Henry Chinaski: She’s in there too.


For any kind of questions and answers and everything, here is my e-mail address: gina.sandulescu17@yahoo.com

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